No Pay No Gain


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released June 23, 2014



all rights reserved


BLACK SACHBAK Tel Aviv, Israel

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Track Name: Haircut I never got
Haircut I never got! *3
Don't compromise, Don't giv'em squat, Just make the Assholes pay!

You Bought this shares, You thought it's safe
But some dude just had other plans
He needs this money for his pool
He doesn't want to compensate
Instead he's looking for a way
A path through he will only gain
You imbeciles, you just got hacked
This guy is friends will all the clerks


This scheme goes on without end
Until all the landlords are dead

The secretary says "ok"
I'll give you a slack. I'll cancel debts
The crooks now smile and shake their hands
It's obvious the bribe exchanged
A nice retirement or a job
A multi national corporate slob

A bill was passed for future times
But it will never be applied
You need to face the facts before
The next big rip-off, next big fall
But all of you just idolize
The rich and never realize
They've only gotten that much fame
Manipulating loads of men
Track Name: The IMF

Imposing in violent ways,
The policy you say
Will help the state out of this mess
Sentencing people to death
With a wave of one's hand
You couldn't care less
Given the right to help
the poor and needy of the earth
you've only wanted to pad your pockets
with more money than you can spend

givin' – only one prescription
cheatin' – say it's always right
killin' – to reserve the order
blindin' – all in sight

You ought to be challenged somehow
The masses around the globe will fight

And you take their lives away
All those chances they all fail
Now we start to comprehend
That the IMF's a scam

Betraided kaine's idea
You make me sick
All in the name of greed
Spreading the lies of the wealth
Though it's a theft
But your end is near!
Given the right to help
The poor and needy of the earth
You've only wanted to fuck the others
And continue swim in fat
Track Name: Dubstep sucks
Dubstep sucks
It ain't music, more like shit
Computers farting in my ears
I just wanted meetin' with her needs
Came in with my girlfriend once
Better get hit by a bus
I just wished you all will stop pretend

Dubstep sucks- dancin' is so lame
Dubstep sucks- wished I stayed away

Than she said "we have to dance"
Imitating all the rest
Even lamer cause we had no puff
Had to dance the night away
Swore to not get tricked again
Next time I will just stay "sick in bed"

Dubstep sucks- dancin' is so lame
Dubstep sucks- wished I stayed away
Track Name: Marx was right
Marx was right

Famine and starvation
No place for you or me
Pollution and deception
Is on a killing spree
No structure and no order
Can stop the greedy scums
You're left with no solution
But raise your arms and fight

Weak and depressed
Nothing is left

The workers will soon reunite
Your fate depends on your might
As one against your enslavers
Fullfill your eternal objective

Had someone told you before – marx was right
Need another proof- marx was right
No pain, no gain – marx was right
Stop believing the lies - marx was right

The so called peoples rule
Means money take the shots
They think they are immuned
But soon it will callapse
When stockmarkets crushes
They come out with excuses
Sell opium to the masses
The strike is far from them

Morality is gone
Now all means apply
What's done can be undone
When the great decievers die
Put them to the gallows
Burn them at the stakes
Kill all the reactioners
Before they can fight back
Track Name: Beer law
Beer law
Bycikle driver found dead in the street
"hit by a drunk one, the booze shares the guilt"
Now all the public will pay for his did
Can't get a beer – fuck this shit!

All over the world – elections are made by tyrants
You speak only the words of blood- diminishing freedom

This democracy lies- shout for civil rights! *2

And I don't care about the stats, freedom needs to stay untouched
I just wanna get my beer
End of day, working class, the deprive me of the chance
Cheaply entertain myself

Want us to spend our money in vein
We'll keep on drinkin', you are insane
Get us some cheap transportation as well
Maybe we won't DUI on your leg
Track Name: Soher (Tamir Gal cover)
לקחו לי את החופש, ריבון העולמים
לקחו ולא החזירו, אנשים רעיםםםםםםםם

לבדי בתוך התא הקר
ולכם מכתב אני כותב
וכותב, את מילותיי האלה
למה לא שמעתי בקולכם

חלאס נו.
Track Name: Capitalist zombies
Capitalist zombies

The arrows goin down the board
Jump outside it sinks below
The ship has sailed your leaving home Into a world unknown
Like lambs to slaughter you are led
Soon you'll be a living dead
Following the faith of missing hand
Don't you worry, so you've said
The markets will rejuvinate
All you need to do is sit and wait
The truth is missed out of us
You will be left well unharmed
The monster works again the common man

They starve- in vain / capitalist zombies
You can't- explane / capitalist zombies

Now, after you've let
Millions lose their cash
You turn into their flesh whose left
Impound their vital organs
Need it as a snack
Before destroying the rest
Greed-controlled minds
Now it's that hunger for flesh
Who dominates
Living dead, against mankind
Are our pets are next in line?

Starved for resources
Hungry and dead
The rules that you've played by have lost their restrains
The beleive in the lie
You have lived by
Condemed, but you can't stand the fact
Human soup on wallstreet
Trying to boil
Your nation on fire
Bon appetite for you all
Neetly arranged
There ain't no chance
Capitalism lost all it's case!
Track Name: Fuck your law
Fuck your law

You say it's our heritage
I say you're full of crap
The rich man's got the hold of it
The judges are all white

Fuck the law, Fuck your law
Only yours not mine
The sturggle has begun

Curving the foundations
Of your society
You leave all the rejected ones
Without their basic needs

Oooohh you won't get it your way
The people have a say "every dog has it's day"
The judges will be judged for crimes against the working class
Track Name: TV
Givin' only that same answer
Iran or Spain or Greece or somewhere
My mind is fighting all your lies
But suffering is all around
This cesspool full of lies is common sense

And we all just sit here and watchin' TV
Believing in god or other false idea

External threats are real or fake?
This fog of crisis only blurs
Is there any truth out there
I know my enemy is you not them

The prices go up constantly
The public's still sits quietly
Until they starve us to our death
We only get what we deserve
For not relinquishing some false beliefs

And we all just here and watchin' TV
Believing in god or other false idea
Track Name: Smoke hash
Smoke hash
Smoke hash!
All the calls we had to make
Make arranges meet and still be scared
Now are needs are being dealt
On the spot by our dark skinned friends

Brown from black for me!
Smoke hash – you can buy it, cheaper than beer
Smoke hash- It creates social harmony
Smoke hash – makes you go to sleep with a smile
Smoke hash – it will soon be legalized

Too expensive goin' to a bar
And I'm broke and we just wanna chill

Now fuck off and shout!!